lifetime metal roofing – galvanized and painted for years of trouble-free use!

Years ago, steel roofing was primarily reserved for commercial and industrial buildings, but things have changed! The steel roofing industry has made some major advancements, and now, you see steel roofs popping up on houses everywhere. Steel is a very popular choice for both new construction and remodels. Metal roofing is a perfect choice for a storage shed. We use heavy-duty, commercial grade, steel panels that are certified to withstand hurricane strength winds.We offer choice of colors.

Jacksonville Sheds - Steel Roofing - 24 gauge- commercial quality

A steel roof can literally last for decades - without looking like it has been sitting on top of your portable building for decades. Steel is strong enough to stand up to the elements; rain, sun, wind and hail.

Jax Shed - Lifetime Florida Roof System
Unlike tiles that break and need to be repaired - or unlike asphalt shingles that can come loose - steel roofing won't require any work once it's installed– it's totally maintenance-free!

Here, at Jacksonville Storage Sheds, we use only the strongest commercial grades for roofs.

Jacksonville Shed Exclusive-Large Gable Vents.